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PAYF is organizing a series of Public Digiplomacy Workshop, ‘The Rise of Digiplomacy, Stratcom and storytelling’ as part of PAYF’s youth out-reach program. The purpose is to enhance digital interaction among the youth belonging to different ethnic and socio-cultural backgrounds through social media.

Workshop 1

Session 1 Keynote Takeaways

Digital Diplomacy and Strategic Communication in a Networked World

We all know “Attention is a scarce commodity.” The speaker demonstrated who is the Strategic communication is not an after-thought but a pre-thought. Speaking of where we lack, the speaker pointed to the fact that we do not even recognize what has changed so drastically in our environment (meaning digitalization).audience of diplomats & how far & wide its scope is. Also, people who design technologies are aware of your interests.

Session 2 Keynote Takeaways

Storytelling is the basic need of humans

He said Communication has to be two-way & effective. Clarity of the message is important. But, Research has developed new forms now. “Data being generated as content YT is being used in academic research.
Strat com, used in businesses is strategic communication through storytelling.

Nation-building through storytelling Research in the digital era is more appealing & propagating. Narrative shape policy and narrative are not simply a story.

Session 3 Keynote Takeaways

Art of Storytelling in a Digital Age

It started off with how mediums of storytelling have evolved over time; how we progressed from oral tradition to theatrical plays to poetry-based orchestral performances to more sophisticated visuals.

Storytelling has intrinsic relationship with leadership.
Story or narrative, when internalized, leads to action & activism. Activism gives rise to movements & it is in movements that leaders are born. Chaos is not chaotic for some; there are people for whom” chaos is a ladder.”
The speaker further added, We lose hands on our history when we fail to tell stories. Void we leave is filled by actions of others.

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