About PAYF

Pakistan & Afghanistan: United by Destiny, Connected by Us!

Hey there! We’re the Pak Afghan Youth Forum (PAYF), a group of storytellers, students, academics, and experts from both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Think of us as bridge builders, working to connect our amazing countries for a brighter future, together.

Why We Do What We Do

Think of Pakistan and Afghanistan as two chapters in the same incredible story. We share a deep history, awesome traditions, even some delicious food rivalries, and ultimately, a shared destiny. PAYF believes this powerful connection can unlock amazing things for both our nations – culturally, economically, you name it.

We launched in September 2020 with a mission to make that connection real. We’re talking cultural exchanges, knowledge sharing, and even exploring our shared entertainment and sports scene (because seriously, who doesn’t love a good flick?).

Our Goals: From Hearts to High Fives!

What gets us pumped? Here’s the lowdown:
  • Shared Destiny: We believe in the power of our interwoven history to pave the way for a bright future, together. We’re all in this, and there’s no better way to move forward than hand-in-hand.
  • People’s Facilitation: Imagine a world where Pakistanis and Afghans can connect seamlessly, share ideas, and build lasting friendships. That’s the kind of people-powered network we’re building!
  • Breaking Down Walls: We’re all about fostering understanding and empathy. We achieve this by sharing real stories from real people, because knowing each other’s journeys builds bridges faster than anything.

The PAYF Team: A Diverse Crew with One Big Dream

Our team is a reflection of the beautiful tapestry that is Pakistan and Afghanistan. We have folks from all walks of life, with different ethnicities and languages, all driven by the same dream. We operate under Pakistan’s Deputy Speaker Office, but our passion is fuelled by the people we connect with.

How We Do It: From On-the-Ground Action to Sharing the Stories

We keep things exciting! We mix it up with on-the-ground events, online discussions, and sharing stories in multiple languages. It’s all about finding cool ways to connect and build that shared understanding. So, are you ready to join our mission? We’d love for you to be part of the story! Let’s build a future where Pakistan and Afghanistan not only share a destiny, but create it together!

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About PAYF

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