Pak-Afghan Intelligentsia Dialogue

Pak-Afghan Intelligentsia Dialogue

Pak Afghan Youth Forum (PAYF) launches a webinar series titled, Pak Afghan Intelligentsia Dialogue. Keeping in view Afghanistan’s rebuilding process, fostering interaction between the Pak-Afghan intelligentsia will enhance engagement between the youth, academia, and intelligentsia of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Identifying opportunities and prospects, in addition to identifying root causes of the conflict will be the main theme of this dialogue.

Aimed to strengthen Pak-Afghan close cooperative relations, the outcomes of this series are expected to serve as primary input to formulate short-medium- and long-term plans to chart out the challenges and solution-oriented discourses.

Concept Note

Webinar 1

Topic: Role of Pak Afghan Youth Diplomacy in Afghanistan‘s Nation Rebuilding

Pakistani Panelist

  • Shahid Khan, Director PAYF Afghanistan Chapter
  • Ahsan Hamid Durrani, CEO Emerging Policy Makers Institute

Afghan Panelist

  • Hidayat Ullah Paktin, Senior Afghan Analyst
  • Sami Yousafzai, Senior Afghan Journalist
  • Syed Aziz Rehbar, Director of Information & Culture Nangarhar

Moderator: Mahnoor Qureshi, PR & Outreach Lead, PAYF

Dated: 30th Dec 2022

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